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Sabotaging a flintlock pistol

Anyone on my flist knowledgeable enough about flintlock pistols to have a suggestion on how someone might sabotage a pistol in such as way that it might injure the shooter, assuming that the shooter is experienced and takes good care of his weapons?


Could the weapon be jammed? As in something placed within the barrel so that the bullet doesn't fire? I would imagine that might cause some major backfiring and an explosion.

I once saw a movie in which a flintlock backfired so that the powder burned someone's face, but I can't remember what was done to make this happen.

I considered that, but Aramis takes such good care of his weapons that I wondered if he would notice. Then I considered that Aramis keeps his weapons loaded and could not really check the weapon without clearing the barrel, which makes it an easier plot point to deal with.

Thanks for the suggestion!