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Yay! Age of Ultron is made of pure awesome! I've been reading spoilers, most of which has been negative, while I waited to see it, and have rolled my eyes at the complaints, but I thought maybe I'd get it after seeing the movie. Nope! Get it even less now.

The first major complaint has been that it turned Black Widow into a victim/damsel in distress. o_O Were they watching the same movie I just watched? Because at no point in the movie did Black Widow comes across as either a victim or a damsel in distress. Yes, she gets captured; yes, she gets rescued. But... She sends the SOS that tells her team where she is by using her skills, and had she needed to, I'm certain she would have found a way to escape on her own, but that's what being on a team is all about -- not having to do it all by one's self, being able to count on others to have one's back!

The second major complaint was that the romance between Natasha and Bruce was out of the blue. Again, were these people watching the same movie I watched? Because, to me, it establishes pretty much from the get go that Bruce and Natasha have been building an increasingly intimate relationship slowly, over time, as Natasha is used by the team to talk the Hulk down whenever the Avengers have called him into service. So, it wasn't out of the blue at all; it was a natural progression.

Anyway, as I said before, PURE AWESOMENESS!


I'm so glad to read this, because I didn't like the movie (didn't hate it... just felt meh about it) and I've been hoping some people would get excited about it so I could live vicariously through hem.

For me, the biggest problem was that the movie was too "busy. You had the six main characters, all with their backstories being built up through the dream sequence thing, but then you also had all the new characters brought in: Rhodey, Falcon, the Twins Vision, Ultron himself, that South Korean doctor. I knew the canon so I had no problem following along, but I also just couldn't get emotionally invested in what any of them were facing. Ultron's downfall was predictable (of course, that's the genre) and it felt like the rest of it was really a set-up for Civil War.

Which isn't to say it's a bad movie or that you're bad/whatever for enjoying it. I found your love of it pretty neat, actually! I'm really glad you liked it.

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I suspect it helps that I went into this movie with 20 years of comic booking behind me. So for me, instead of finding the cluster of characters busy, it was exciting to have Vision and his eventual wife Scarlet Witch turn up, and see her smitten with him already, and to see Falcon, and the rest of the more standard Avengers line-up finally appear on the scene. :)
Scarlet Witch is one of a handful of Marvel characters that is powerful enough to destroy and create entire realities; I don't know that I'd say I was a fangirl so much, as she's tends to pull a Stark a lot and create and destroy realities because she's trying to fix the world, but really ends up making things 1000% times worse, but the potential of her is exciting.
Yup, I second all of this. I just don't see the validity in most of the complaints against the movie.
It's so nice to see that there's still some sanity in the world. :)
Yeah, the negativity towards this movies has been bothering me as well. I'm usually a "to each their own" kind of person, but I feel like some of the things that people have been jumping on and complaining about are, in the grand scheme of things, non-issues.

Spoilers for those who haven't seen it...

For example, apparently there's been some complaints about the whole "Clint has a farm and a wife" thing as well as "oh, noes, Clint's poor wife is stuck at home with the kids while he has adventures (never mind the fact that she's obviously very happy with her life)" I mean, yes, people are most definitely entitled to their complaints, but it feels like that's all I'd been running into for a time. Any squee I come across makes me crazy amounts of happy :D
I think people were just grumpy because they'd been shipping Clint and Natasha. I liked Clint's family.

Yours were the first positive comments I'd read regarding the movie, and I was very happy to them.