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Letter meme

lindahoyland gave me the letter E. Comment if you'd like a letter.

Something I hate: earwax

Something I love: Ents

Somewhere I've been: England (and Scotland and Wales)

Somewhere I'd like to go: Edinburgh

Someone I know: Emilee, my niece

A film I liked: Ever After


All great choices!

If you would like another letter, how about O?
Your answers are much more interesting than the usual answers to these questions :)
:) If you would like a letter, how about F?
Hmmmm....I hadn't entirely decided I wanted a letter....let's see if I can avoid lameness.....

karri_kln1671 gave me the letter F.

Something I hate: freezing rain

Something I love: fires (e.g., campfires)

Somewhere I've been: France

Somewhere I'd like to go: Finland

Someone I know: Frank (Sinigaglio) - a friend from WBC or (Tino) Franzen - a cousin

A film I liked: I want to say Firefly, but that is a TV show....perhaps Fahrenheit 451
Finland would be interesting to visit. :)